Instructions On How to Use Keiser’s Layout Console.
Note: If equipment categories do not load refreshthe page by pressing F5 on your keyboard and the categories should appear.


Step One
Create Room:

In the selection box please select the unit of measurement you would like to use. When selected, enter your room dimensions, you will notice the white area to the left of the console changing with your dimensions. The black box create the border of your room. The top and left red lines give you information on your room dimensions.



Step Two
Place Room Elements:

Click on “Place Room Elements”. Room elements are items like doors, windows, seating, and furniture. The elements will lload in the red field under “Current Selection”, you can cycle through the elements by using the white arrows on the left and right. When you have found an item you would like to place, click on the element.

After clicking, the element will load in the center of the room. Click and drag the element where you would like to place iin the room. After placing the element you may also hover over the element to modify it. The right icon, the “X”, will delete the selection from the layout, the left icon, the curved arrow, will rotate the element. Click and drag in a circular pattern to rotate the element. Repeat for other elements if needed.


Step Three
Place Equipment:

Click on the equipment category of your choice to place equipment. Again, as above, each category will load equipment of lower “current selection” field. Click on another category to change selections. Place, rotate, and delete elements as described above.

Right clicking on the room and selecting “zoom in” will magnify areas of your room for detailed placement. During “zoom in” you can click and drag and explore the magnified area of your room. To “zoom out”, right click again and select the option to “zoom out”.


Step Four

When your room layout is completed you can now label your room. Type your title in the input box. As you do so you will notice the title appearing as you type below your newly created layout.

Step Five

You’re almost Done! Click on “Send to Printer” to print your layout. Your browser’s printer dialog should pop up, select the printer you would like to print to, and click ok to print the layout. It may also be useful to write contact information for your regional representative on your layout, so you may contact them with any questions or to request a quote.

Congratulations, you have just designed your own facility!